Art is about illusion. I enjoy creating the illusion of three-dimensional space in a two-dimensional medium without trying to be photographic in detail.

Watercolor as a medium is both controlled and spontaneous. I use both of these qualities as I seek to capture the essence of a subject, using the contrast of light and shadow to define the forms.

In my florals and still lifes I emphasize the sculptural qualities of the subject with abstract backgrounds of intense color. Subjects are often defined with minimal detail, allowing the viewer's eye to fill in the rest. The sunny days in eastern Washington illuminate the flowers in my garden providing many of the ideas for paintings.

Landscapes are based on places I have been. Summers on Orcas Island in the northwest corner of the state are a special source of inspiration—a place I have enjoyed visiting since I was a child on family fishing vacations.

Please explore my site to see individual paintings. Visit my Facebook page for information about recent developments and photos of events. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you. (See contact information.)

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